Pressanna Parackal 

The committee responsibilities are:

  • NAINA news publications & Communications to NAINA Members at large through email, website & social media.
  • Compilation and publication of the NAINA Newsletter.
  • Maintain NAINA website including contents update.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • NAINA News publications.
  • Manage and update contents of the NAINA website.
  • Solicits contents postings to the website/Newsletter

Sandra Emmanuel  

Focus: Educational initiatives at the national level.  The biennial national conference is under the purview of this committee as well.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Continuously assesses, identifies, plans, implements and evaluates educational program to meet membership needs.
  • Acts as a resource for local chapters and other nursing organizations in developing and implementing educational programs.
  • Develops educational content of all NAINA conferences.
  • Prepares and publishes official conferences brochures/ handouts, etc.
  • Collaborates with chapter Presidents in planning & implementing all NAINA educational conferences.
  • Identifies national healthcare trends that need to be presented in regional, national and international conferences.

Vidya Kanagaraj

Focus: review of awards and scholarships applications and related activities

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Initiates/reviews for awards/scholarships criteria
  • Assists fund raising related to awards/scholarships
  • Publishes the criteria locally and nationally to select awards/scholarships recipients
  • Selects the recipients with the approval of the executive board

Nancy Fernandes

Focus: to increase and support membership, including the creation of new chapters.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Initiates programs for membership recruitment of the Association
  • Provides assistance in the formation of chapters of the Association.
  • Maintains a copy of the membership roster of the Association

Anne B. Luckose

Focus: Research and grant related activities

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Initiates/reviews research/grant criteria
  • Assists fund raising related to Research/Grant
  • Publishes the criteria locally and nationally to select research scholarship/s recipients
  • Selects the recipients based on merit scores assigned by the Research Committee    

Anna George

  • Researches, reviews and analyzes practice issues affecting APNs and make
    recommendations to NAINA
  • Serves as a liaison to represent NAINA in clinical practice projects
  • Implements annual APN clinical excellence conferences

Rachel Zachariah

Focus: Review and revision of governing rules and regulations on an on-going basis.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Initiates amendments to the bylaws for review by the Governing Board
  • Presents the proposed amendments to the membership after review by the Executive Board at least thirty (30) days prior to voting
  • Reviews and recommends change of Chapter-Bylaws.
  • Submits annual reports to the Governing Board in a timely fashion.

Members can access a copy of the bylaws by request or available on our website in the Members-Only section.


Liffy Cherian

  • Makes recommendations towards strategic plan.
  • Solicit and publish news and articles for the peer reviewed journals – electronic version every odd year and in addition to the electronic, a commemorative journal to be released at the biennial conference.
  • Sends publication materials to website committee

Aney Abraham

Roles and responsibilities:

  • The Election Committee Chairperson will appoint the two other members of the committee.
  • The Election Committee Chairperson will oversee the execution of the election process.
  • The Election Chairperson is solely responsible for the safekeeping of the ballot box, ballots and voter registry.
  • The election committee will work to ensure an unbiased and fair election. It is the Committee ‘s responsibility to ensure that the Election policies and procedures are strictly enforced.
  • The election committee will review and amend election policies and procedures during a. contested election where the policies and procedures are suspect.
    a. to accept and review any petitions that contest election results.
    b.To determine the eligibility for voting rights of any member.
  • The Election committee is responsible for compiling a voter registry of all eligible voters.
  • The Election committee members are responsible for counting the ballots.
  • The Election committee will review candidate nominations and notify nominees of his/her nomination.
  • The election committee chairperson will notify the winners of the election/ selection and the governing board minimum three weeks prior to the installation of the officers
  • The election committee will assist the Executive board with the installation of new officers.

Sandra Emmanuel
Vice President

Sandra Emmanuel is a long-standing member of the American Association of Indian Nurses,
New Jersey chapter 2 (AAIN-NJ2). She was the President of American Association of Indian
Nurses of New Jersey, Chapter 2 (AAIN NJ2) from 2019 – 2020. One of her accomplishments as
the president was hosting NAINA 6th Clinical Excellence Conference. She was able to pull
together a capable team, motivate them to use their strength; together they executed a
well-attended, profit-making event for NAINA. More recently as NAINA Chair of Professional
Development/Education, Sandra was able to maintain one of NAINA’s initiatives to get re-
accreditation as an ANCC provider. Maintaining the continuing education credits involved
working with the 22 chapters from 15 different states.

Sandra currently works as an Education Specialist in Hackensack University Medical Center. She
brings in three decades of experience in Nursing Education. Her role includes improving
education among healthcare providers, designing curriculum for continuing education programs
for the health professional and maintaining regulatory standards. She was a nominee of the
New Jersey Institute for Nursing Clinical, Administration, Research, Education, and Support
(C.A.R.E.S.) Award and received the NAINA Clinical Excellence Award– Nurse Educator in 2022.

Being a member of NAINA has given her the opportunity to network with nurses from all over the country that are in different levels of their career and make relationships with nurses who share the same values, traditions, and culture.

Nancy Fernandes
Membership Chair

Dr. Nancy Fernandes, DNP, RN is the Membership Chair of NAINA (2021-2022). Dr. Fernandes is a member of the Indian Nurses Association of South Florida (INASF) and has served on various committees at the chapter level. Dr. Fernandes currently serves as the Quality Management Specialist at Broward Health Imperial Point, Florida. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Nursing at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University.  She earned her Associate Degree in Nursing and Midwifery from the Institute of Nursing Education, Goa, India, her bachelor’s degree in Nursing and master’s degree in Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership from Florida Atlantic University, and the Doctorate in Healthcare Systems Leadership from Chamberlain University, Chicago.

She brings in over two decades of nursing experience in nursing practice, education, and leadership.  Dr. Fernandes believes that altruistic and aesthetic aspects of life are equally beautiful as professional life, and we need to balance that alongside our profession. She enjoys international music, dance, gardening, bike riding, and attending different cultural activities.

Dr. Fernandes pledges that under her leadership as the membership chair, the committee will focus on retaining our present members while adding new chapters and members to increase NAINA’s strength, image, and visibility.  She firmly believes that members are the essence of our organization in establishing standards and ethics in the national and global nursing industry and more importantly, they drive revenue for our organization.

Anne Luckose
Research/Grant Chair

This week we would like to welcome Dr. Anne B. Luckose, PhD, PM-ANP, APRN, NP-C NAINA, Research and Grant committee chair (2021-2022). Dr Luckose is a member of the Indian Nurses Association of Illinois (INAI) and has served on various committees at the chapter level. Research helps us expand our knowledge and implement evidenced-based practice. The Advance Practice Committee will work alongside the research committee to create Research Interest Groups (RIG). This committee will focus on research topics related to the health and well-being of Asian Indian immigrant, social structure, patterns of immigration, COVID 19 vaccination, COVID 19 effects on mental health, and any relevant topic of health concerns.

Dr. Luckose currently serves as the Assistant Director and Senior Nurse Practitioner at the Wellness Center, Lakeshore Campus of Loyola University Chicago, IL. She is also an Assistant Professor at Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Loyola University Chicago.  Dr Luckose earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Faran College of Nursing, Bangalore, and Karnataka; received her master’s degree in nursing from Fr. Muller’s College of Nursing, Mangalore, Karnataka; Post-Master’s degree as an Adult Nurse Practitioner from North Park University, Chicago, and her research doctorate in nursing from Loyola University, Chicago.

She brings in over two and a half decades of nursing experience in nursing practice and education, in addition to recent roles in research and leadership. Furthermore, she is a national and international conference presenter and has published in peer-reviewed journals (example: Western Journal of Nursing Research) and in dissertation databases

Her exemplary work notes several research awards that she has received since 2016. For example, Dr. Luckose received the Midwest Nursing Research Society Award for Abstract of Distinction for her student poster presentation at the 2016 annual research conference. She was awarded the Graduate Student Nursing Academy Recognition (2018), recognized as an   emerging leader by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. She won nominee awards twice for the Indian Nurses Association of Illinois (INAI) best clinical APRN Award in 2018 and 2016. Moreover, she was the recipient of the Ad Majorum Dei Gloriam Nominee Award (2015) by Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Luckose, believes that her mission is in keeping with the goal “to purse independent research projects that make a contribution to the discipline of nursing”. Dr Luckose enjoys being with people who have a good sense of humor and loves indulging in music, dance, arts, crafts and, loves to try new recipes across any cuisine.

Anna George
Advance Practice RN Chair

NAINA welcomes Anna George, Ph.D., APRN, FNP-C, RN as the Advance Practice Forum committee chair and the President of Indian Nurse Association of New York (INANY). Dr. George has been an active member of INANY for several years. During her term in INANY she served as the Advance Practice Forum and the Education and Professional Development committee chair. During this term, Dr. George and her Advance Practice Forum committee members will work with the Research & Grants committee to address health issues among the immigrant population through research. She is also serving on the NAINA governing board in a dual role.

Dr. George completed her undergraduate studies in nursing from College of Nursing, Kottayam Medical College, where she earned her Master’s in Nursing. She completed the Family Nurse Practitioner program and earned her PhD in Nursing from Molloy College, New York. In 2018, Dr. George received the patient / customer focus award by Northwell Health. Currently, Dr. George serves as an Assistant Professor at Molloy College and is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Long Island Jewish Hospital. She is also a provider in a private clinic at Rego Park in New York. Dr. George has been published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at national and international conferences.

As the President of INANY, Dr. George hopes to strengthen the organization’s focus on education, service, and charity.  

Liffy Cherian
Editorial/Journal Chair


MSN University of Cincinnati, Clinical Nurse Specialist April 2016 
The MSN-Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) degree prepares advanced practice nurses as clinical innovation experts who improve patient outcomes and implement healthcare delivery system improvements. The CNS spheres of influence include patient/client, staff, and organization/healthcare system. CNS core competencies include leadership, consultation, coaching, collaboration, research, clinical practice, education, and ethical decision-making. 

BSN Christian College of Nursing, India April 1995 

Texas Board of Nurse Examiners Licensure (Compact State) and Certifications 

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse 2016-present 
  • APRN with Prescriptive Authority 06/2019 
  • Registered Nurse 1995-present 
  • AGCNS-BC 2017 to present 

Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Board Certified 

  • OCN – Oncology Certified Nurse, 2013-present 
  • ONS Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Certificate Current 
  • CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Biomedical Research Curriculum 

Areas of Expertise 

  • Currently involved in the remodeling of APP antineoplastic Privileging process. Completed gap analysis of the current structure and presented to stake holders. Involved in the development of a new pathway for APP antineoplastic privileging 
  • Establishment and development of system-wide programs including Nursing, and Quality to fulfill the specifications of accreditation. (Oncology-specific accreditation like FACT, QOPI accreditation, Joint Commission, patient safety, infection prevention, quality improvement, CART-Cell REMS and PI compliance) 

Name – Liffy Indu Cherian 

  • Establishment of chemotherapy standards in various settings like oncology units, ICU, OR, Radiology and OP Clinics. 
  • Development of standardized staff education programs, training, onboarding and competencies related to Oncology and Bone marrow transplant. 
  • Development of education for the staff outside the transplant unit that would be involved in the care of bone marrow transplant patient population like ED, ICU and Rapid Diagnostic Units. 
  • Interdisciplinary oncology content expert for direct-care staff, leadership and administration. 
  • Interdisciplinary Oncology Content expert in the implementation of system wide initiatives like USP 800, CLABSI prevention, Hazardous medication handling in various settings and Immunotherapy care. 
  • Development and establishement of treatment protocols, care standards, guidelines and education for research and evidenced based practice projects like CART-Cell therapy, BELICUM, In- patient Stem cell collection pathway implementation. 
  • Kite CAR T Therapy Allied Health Steering Committee member 2017– 2020 –Involved in defining educational gaps for the multidisciplinary teams that identify and care for patients on CAR T therapy, obtain continuous feedback on experiences and perceptions of patients on CAR T therapy, and develop a greater understanding of the patient journey in general. 
  • Involved in system wide projects to maintain medication safety practices as oncology content expert. 
  • Development and establishment of various educational activities through out the organization involving care of bone marrow transplant patients in various settings like ER and OR. Establishment of various workshops like “ Care of BMT patient in ER setting”, BMT workshop for Inpatient nurses, Immunotherapy Education, CART- Cell Nursing Implications 
  • Development,establishment and promotion of End-of-Life care through interdisciplinary collaboration through out the organization. Promotion of ELNEC Core course to all the staff. Establishement of end of life care standards through education and introduction of comfort care order sets, care resources for patients and care givers. 


  • DFW Great 100 Nurses 2018 
  • D-Magazine Nurse Excellence – Education/Research 2018 
  • UT Southwestern Nurse Excellence – Educator (Nominee) 2017 

Name – Liffy Indu Cherian 

  • Daisy Award Nominee 2017 
  • DFW Council Employee of the Year Nominee – Systems Employee 2018 

Professional Memberships 

  • Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) 
  • National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) 
  • Advanced Practitioner Society for Hematology and Oncology (APSHO) 
  • American Society of Clinical Oncologist (ASCO) 
  • Texas Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (TxCNS) 
  • National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) 
  • American Nurse Association (ANA) 


1. UT Southwestern University Hospital, Advance Practice provider, Hematologic Malignancies/Bone Marrow Transplant.12/2019 – to Present 
2. UT Southwestern University Hospital, Clinical Nurse Educator. 12/2015 – 11/2019 
3. UT southwestern University Hospital, Staff Nurse, Bone Marrow transplant 01/2012 –11/2015 
4. Texas Oncology PA – Bedford, Oncology Staff Nurse ,11/2002 – 06/2014 
5. THR Harris Methodist HEB – Bedford, Texas, Critical Care Unit — Staff Nurse, 09/2006 to 08/2010 
6. THR Harris Methodist – HEB Bedford, Texas Staff Nurse — Cardiac Step Down Unit, 01/2002 to 09/2006 
7. North East Dialysis –Haltom City, Texas Staff Nurse — Outpatient hemodialysis, 11/2000 to 12/2001 
8. KNS Hospital – Kottarakara, India Assistant Nursing Superintendent, 01/1997 to 07/2000 
9. RVS College of Nursing – Coimbatore, India Nursing Lecturer, 01/1996 to 12/1996 
10. Christian College of Nursing – Ambilikkai. India Staff Nurse, 05/1995 to 12/1995 


Podium Presentation, “Immunotherapy a new frontier in cancer treatment – Advances and care strategies,” 6th National Biennial Conference by NAINA, Oct 26 and 27, 2018 Name – Liffy Indu Cherian 

Poster Presentation, “Improving Care at the End of Life for Patients by Implementing the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Curriculum UTSW Celebration of Excellence Quality week 

CNE Presentations 

– BMT Workshops Day 1 and 2 
– Oncology: Concepts and Practices 
– Cancer Immunotherapy: CART-Cell Therapy 
– CART-Cell Therapy – Nursing Implications 
– Oncologic Emergencies 
– Safe Administration of Hazardous Medications and body fluid Management 
– CLL – Role of APP in diagnosis and management 


  • BB2121 CART Cell therapy – Multiple Myeloma; Phase II clinical trial 03/2018– Trial in progress at UTSW. Part of the implementation team 
  • “Evaluate the effectiveness of saline flushes Vs heparin flushes in maintaining patency of peripherally inserted central catheters in the bone marrow transplant patients “UTSW BMT Unit” 
  • Development of APP Antineoplastic Privileging Process – In progress 

Texas Nurse Association – D4 
Nominating Committee member 2017-to 2019 
Texas Nurse Association 
Nursing Professional Development Committee member -2019 to present 
Conference Co-Organizer 
ELNEC Core Conference at UT Southwestern – 2017, 2018 and 2019 
TXCNS Conference Planning Committee Member –2019 
TXCNS Research Committee Member 2018-2019 
NAINA 6th Biennial Conference, 2018 
Education committee Member (North Texas Chapter) and Conference Co-Organizer 
IANANT – Editorial Board Chair – 2019 – Present 

Publishes quarterly newsletter for the organization with peer reviewed articles. Establishment of publishing guidelines and rubrics for educational activities and publication within the organization. Name – Liffy Indu Cherian 

Meals on Wheels 
Voluntary Service through Church, Dallas, yearly 
Feed My Starving Children 
Voluntary Service, co-organizer and participant, Frisco, Yearly 
Church Activities 
Sunday School teacher, Youth fellowship activities, Treasurer of the Women’s fellowship. 

English: Fluent 
Malayalam: Native Language 
Hindi: Proficient Listener, Novice Speaker, Intermediate Writer, Proficient Reader 
Tamil: Proficient listener, Intermediate Speaker, Novice writer, Intermediate reader 

Aney Abraham
Election Chair

Trusted leader with more than 30 years of experience in successfully managing multi-disciplinary teams and multiple operations for leading healthcare systems. Seasoned professional in assessing employee strengths and offsetting weaknesses, motivating employees, and developing teams to help advance an organization’s mission, vision, strategies, and growth. 

Doctorate Nursing Practice  – University of Illinois, College of Nursing, Chicago, 2018 
Master of Science in Nursing  – Loyola University, Niehoff School of Nursing, Chicago, 1990 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Hunter College, New York, 1984 


  • Nurse Executive Board Certified, ANCC, 2016–2021 
  • AAACN Member , 2021- 2022 
  • ACHE Member , 2021- 2022 
  • Registered Nurse, State of Illinois, 1987–present 
  • Registered Nurse, State of New York, 1984–1987

Career Highlights:

  • Led nursing initiatives, opened ICUs and other units, and obtained supplies for COVID-19 command center at Rush University Medical, Chicago, in 2020. Over 3.5-month period, worked 7 days a week, often 12–14 hours a day, to meet patient needs and support bedside nurses. 
  • Implemented a centralized staffing model at Rush during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to meet the increased demand for resources.
  • Advanced patient experience house-wide and in the Department of Medicine at Rush from FY18 to FY19 with 50% of the medicine units improving patient experience. Overall, the medicine units rated at the 87th percentile in FY19.
  • Supervised a medical team at Rush, aligning the team with the organization’s mission while encouraging collaboration and teamwork. As a result of intentional coaching and mentoring, 5 of the team’s 8 units significantly improved their employee engagement survey scores within a 7-month period.
  • Served as the EPIC Liaison for implementation of Epic electronic health record at Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois; first hospital in Presence Healthcare System to use this technology.
  • Publishing scholarly work and presenting at national and local conferences.
  • Managing a staff of 90 employees to managing a staff of more than 600 employees over 20-year period.

Professional Experience:

Vice President Patient Care Services, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, 2020- present 
Successfully implemented Cardiosciences RPath reaggregation 
Initiated strategies to improve hospital throughput 
Implemented in-patient staffing process 
Implemented strategies to decrease cost of Inpatient Dialysis care 

Associate Vice President Nursing Operations, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, 2018–present 
Strategize and implement organizational plans as member of the executive leadership team 
Align nursing strategies to support implementation of the healthcare organization’s strategic initiatives for a 600-bed, 4 times Magnet designated academic center 
Administrative oversight of more than 400 employees 
Advanced patient experience house-wide and in the Department of Medicine from FY18 to FY19 with 50% of the medicine units improving patient experience. Overall, the medicine units rated at the 87th percentile in FY19 
Improved cost per patient day with all 8 medicine units meeting target for FY19, exceeding FY18 with only 4 out of 8 units meeting target 
Rolled out Daily Management System in all the medicine units and successfully using this structure to identify and resolve issues 
Implemented a centralized staffing model during COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the increased demand for resources 
Collaborated with multidisciplinary team to improve patient flow, reducing ED boarding time from 190 minutes in FY18 to 35 minutes in FY19 
Stood up Rush Discharge Suite, successfully creating a space for discharged patients to wait while allowing for beds to be cleaned and ready for the next patient 
Led the transition of Dialysis services to a new vendor and successfully stood up an in-house acute dialysis suite 
Reduced falls and falls with injury to 0.176/ 1000 patient days, placing RUSH at the best quartile in NDNQI. Serving as executive sponsor for the fall oversight since FY18 – present 

Chief Nursing Officer, Presence Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2016–2018 
Strategized and established organizational plans as member of the executive leadership team 
Aligned nursing strategies for implementing organizational plans and strategic initiatives in a 275-bed, twice Magnet designated teaching hospital 
Managed more than 600 employees while ensuring exceptional professional nursing practice, operations, and quality improvement 
Led creation and implementation of Orthopedic Joint Program 
Directed Emergency Room Throughput Initiative 
Directed staffing workflow and productivity initiative 
Collaborated with CMO and Key Physician Leaders in developing and implementing quality initiatives 
Collaborated with Chief Strategy Officer and CEO in developing and implementing growth initiatives 
Led implementation of Bedside Multidisciplinary Rounds, resulting in LOS reduction at 3.9 days 

Director of Nursing, Critical Care, Med/Surg/Tele, Staffing Office 
Presence Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2014–2016 
Led efforts to achieve second Magnet Designation, 2016–2020 
Secured Endowment Funds to support Nursing Internships and numerous nursing scholarships 
Secured Foundation Funds to create and sponsor Oncology Nurse Navigator position 
Implemented Daily Leadership Safety Huddles and Unit-based huddles 

Director of Surgery, Women & Children, Emergency Department 
Presence Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2010–2014 
Led efforts for re-certification of Level I Trauma Center 
Developed and implemented plan to improve OR efficiency, resulting in significant reductions in turnover time and cancellation rates 

Director of Nursing Cardiology, Critical Care, Women and Children’s 
Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2008–2010 Aney Abraham — Partnered with team leaders to achieve the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet designation, 2010–2014; first and only hospital in Presence Healthcare System to achieve this designation 
Led efforts for successful Level II-plus nursery re-accreditation, certified chest pain center, and certified stroke center Received the ANCC Beacon Award for outstanding critical care 
Served as the EPIC Liaison for implementation of Epic electronic health record; first hospital in Presence Healthcare System to use this technology 

Director of Nursing, Medical Surgical, Telemetry, Critical Care, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2003–2008 

Nurse Manager, Telemetry, Coronary care unit, Central Telemetry, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 2000–2003 
Supervised quality, service, finance, growth, and operations for more than 90 associates 
Maintained 24-hour staff and patient accountability 

House Manager, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 1992–2000

Case Manager, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 1990–1992

Staff RN, Telemetry Unit, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois, 1987–1990

Staff RN, Medical Step-Down Unit, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, New York, New York, 1984–1987

Professional Memberships: 
American Organization of Nurse Executives, 2017–present 
President, Indian Nurses Association, 2019–2021; Life Member 
American College of Healthcare Executives, 2021-2022 
American Nurses Association and ANA Illinois, 2018–2019 
Sigma Theta Tau, Gamma Phi Chapter, 2018–2019 

“Call Light Study,” Presence Saint Francis Hospital, Research Day, 1999 
“Nursing Acuity and Staffing,” Presence Saint Francis Hospital, 2005 
“Budgeting for Nurse Managers,” Presence Saint Francis Hospital, 2010 
“Nursing Budget – Operations and Capital Budget,” DePaul University, 2012 
“Social Media and Nursing Practice,” Indian Nurses Association of Illinois, 2019 
“Patient Safety,” Malayalee Association of Respiratory Care, 2019 
“The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence: Integrating Quality and Patient Experience Outcomes with Purposeful Rounding,” Partners in Excellence Conference, Cipher Health, San Diego, California, 2019 

Abraham, A. & Philips, J. (April 27, 2019). “Notre Dame can’t be more urgent than people without food and shelter.” 
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Abraham, A. (May 6, 2019). “Why the Nursing Profession is held in such high esteem: Reflections on Nursing leadership.” Retrieved from 
Phillips, J. (2019). The Indian Nurses Association of Illinois: “Taking Matters to Heart- Interview with Aney Abraham, President of the Indian Nurses Association of Illinois.” Retrieved from 
Abraham, A (2020). COVID-19 and Nurse-Sensitive Indicators: Using Performance Improvement Teams to Address Quality Indicators during a Pandemic