Dear Chapter President and Chapter Leadership,

Chapter Membership fee of $250 is due from your chapter for the term 2023-24.  I request you to complete this payment process before the end of November 2023.  With this online form, you will have the options to make online payment or check payment. Whether you are making payment online or mailing a check to NAINA, it is required that you kindly complete the below online form. This process will help us to maintain electronic records for NAINA and Chapters for our future reference. 

Once you make the online payment, then your process is complete. If your preference, is the check payment, please complete the online form below and mark the mode of payment as check, then make the check payable to: NAINA and mail the check to: TARA SHAJAN, NAINA TREASURER, 57 MCKINLEY AVE, ALBERTSON, NY 11507.  Zelle email:

Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Suja Thomas