NAINA seeks to represent nurses and nursing students of Indian heritage in the United States of America.  Our members, nurses from different specialities and levels of practice, strive to create a community of excellence through networking, professional collaboration and mentorship. We welcome all nurses and nursing students to embark on this journey of excellence with us.

Before you apply NAINA Virtual Membership, please CLICK HERE to check, if there is a Chapter Association available near you. If you still wish to continue as a NAINA Virtual Member, please note that at a later time if you want to transfer your membership to a local chapter, only part of the membership fee will be transferred. 

Any questions regarding membership, please contact:

Membership Form

1. Virtual Members

Eligible members from the states or territories of USA with no established local Indian Nurses Associations affiliated with NAINA may become a member of NAINA as a Virtual member by paying a membership fee. This only applies if there is no NAINA chapter association near you and or till a professional association is established in that state the member is licensed. Virtual members shall be:

  • Registered professional nurse of Indian origin or heritage
  • Must have current RN license in any states or territories of USA
  • Must be of good professional standing (not barred or suspended license).
  • Member must agree with the mission and comply with the rules and bylaws set by NAINA

2. Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership shall be extended to Registered Professional Nurses, Nursing Students, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) irrespective of their ethnicity and heritage. The affiliate members do not hold offices or participate in decision making process and do not have voting privileges, but may enjoy all other benefits of NAINA membership.

3. Associate Members:

Associate membership shall be extended to students of Indian origin or heritage through local chapters.  They shall enjoy all the privileges except voting rights and holding offices

4. Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be awarded to individuals or businesses who support the mission and goals of NAINA, and as determined by the Governing Board. The honorary members do not hold offices or participate in decision making process and do not have voting privileges, but may enjoy all other benefits of NAINA membership.

Membership Fees 

  • Virtual 10 Years Membership $300.00(Virtual 10 Years membership is mandatory for any RN/LPN, who is seeking discounts from NAINA Academic Partners.  This  is extended to Indian Nurses where there is no NAINA Chapters).
  • Virtual 2 years Membership $100.00 
  • Virtual 2 Years Affiliate membership $100.00 
  • Virtual 2 Year Associate Student Membership $60.00 

The fiscal year for membership shall be from January 1st to December 31st of the following year(same as the calendar year of the association).

Why become a member ?

National Networking: Opportunities to meet with other nurses of Indian descent at professional and cultural events. Connect with fellow advanced practice nurses through our recently formed APN Forum.

Leadership Development:  Participate in Leadership Conference. Participate in the governance of the association.  Hold positions of leadership in local chapter and national committees.

Professional and scholarly development:  Multiple opportunities to learn from experts in a variety of fields. Opportunities to engage in scholarly activities such as giving podium and poster presentations and publishing in our newsletter.

Representation:  Not only will you represent nurses of Indian descent but YOU will be represented by NAINA, along with all the Indian nurses in the US, at other local, state, national and international organizations.  NAINA will be the official voice for Indian nurse in America and outside for professional nursing issues and problems. 

Mentorship: Find a mentor or be a mentor!

Educational Opportunities:  Discounted rates to NAINA conferences and earn free CE through NAINA and it's Chapters.  Tuition discounts from several universities.  Click here to see more details

Website and Social Media:  Stay connected through our website and Social media platforms.

Newsletter:  A free subscription to our newsletter which will keep you informed of chapter events and other nursing related topics.

Promote the profession of nursing:  By striving to help decrease the healthcare disparities among ethnic, minority and medically underserved communities through our community health initiatives. 

And, of course, the personal satisfaction gained from being a contributing professional in the national association, and sharing the knowledge with your colleagues and the community! 


No, you are not allowed to transfer your membership.

We provide member verification as per your request. A unique member ID will not be generated due to logistic reasons.

A membership letter will be provided upon request instead of a card.

No. You may need to re-apply for membership and pay the dues at the end of your membership. You will get a reminder email about your membership renewal.

Please visit NAINA website and there is a provision for renewal under the JOIN US Page

There is no provision for automatic renewal at this moment.

You will get two emails after the receipt of payment.  One from PayPal and one from NAINA. 

Yes, you can cancel your membership any time. But no membership fees will be refunded.

Any questions?

Pressanna Parackal
Membership Chair