the vision

from the beginning

Mentorship is a one-to-one in which an experienced person provides wisdom and support to novice with goal of helping the novice (mentee) establish and grow in his/her career path.  NAINA members have access to clinical, academic and professional mentors who will challenge you and push you to the next level, allowing you to broaden your horizons.

Overview And Experience

The nAINA Mentor is a:

  • Supporter: Who will provide a symptomatic ear and listen to you without judgement
  • Navigator: Who will guide through the many paths available to you
  • Learning Partner: Who provides safe, non-competitive learning environment
  • Resource:  Who may allow you to access information that may not otherwise be available to you
  • Counselor: Who helps you gain insight into fears, needs, desires so that you can develop a plan of action
  • Facilitator: Who extend your network and perspectives; introduce you to new people or groups
  • Coach:  Who builds upon your existing skills and encourages you to add new ones
  • Promise keeper: Someone who will give you friendly reminders and hold you accountable
  • and much more…. 

You Deserve The Best

Your role:

  • Meet regularly with your mentor
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Listen to and learn from the feedback
  • Take advantage of opportunities presented
  • Be open and honest
  • Be responsible for your success
  • Be active partner in your mentoring relationship

Any questions, please contact: Suja Thomas