APRIL 2021


NAINA Editorial Committee is committed:
  • To increase engagement and participation of members through publications and newsletters
  • Improve the standards and quality of NAINA publications by diversifying its content, keeping its members’ educational and professional needs in mind.
  • Provide opportunity for all NAINA members to share their research, knowledge, and

We welcome you to submit any personal or professional work that qualifies under the following categories to be included in the newsletter.

We have included some helpful guidelines here that will simplify the process of creating our NAINA Newsletter. 

A. Article Categories:

  • Scholarly articles Articles that present quality improvement (QI), evidence-based practice (EBP), or research studies or initiatives.

    Non-Scholarly Articles:

    • Clinical Series – Any interesting case studies regarding rare disease conditions, treatment, and management of clinical conditions
    • Poems and stories
    • COVID related clinical updates
    • Personal Memoir -- Member experiences during COVID times
    • Clinical Pearls – A short account of clinically relevant information based on experience or observation.
    • My Story – Personal stories of the nursing journey of NAINA members
    • Stories from bedside – Voice of the RN – Personal stories of events that impacted the practice and professional journey of the bedside nurse
    • Chapter reports, Chapter highlights, Pictures, and Advertisements
    • Individual or group pictures of newly elected Chapter Leadership
    • Chapter event flyers.

B. Acceptable Submissions:

  • The article should be the original work of the author and appropriately referenced using APA format.
  • NAINA will not accept narratives from prior NAINA publications.
  • Provide biographical details: name, credentials, and email addresses of each author/contributor.
  • All articles, reports, and write-ups should be in English and submitted in a Microsoft Word document.
  • While submitting information on professional recognition or accolades of NAINA members,
    Please include:
    Name & Credentials
    Picture of the recipient
    Details of the Award and the Awarding Entity
  • Chapter Activities Report which will be limited to one page, with the inclusion of photos, if needed.
  • All event flyers must be submitted in an appropriate JPEG, PNG, or Word Format.
  • All submissions must be uploaded through NAINA website at under publications and newsletter tab. You may also use the following link to go directly to the submission page
  • The deadline for submission is Feb 28, 2022

C. Photographs:

  • Provide a passport size picture of each author/contributor. Attach the picture as a JPEG or PNG format in a separate file with your submission.
  • Captions for the pictures must be in an appropriate Word Format with a clear indication of which image it correlates.

D. Disclaimer/Copyright/Citation:

  • The author is responsible for proper citation of references used in scholarly work.
  • Copyright images are prohibited, and the author of the used content is fully responsible for copyright-related matters.
  • NAINA reserves the right to publish or reject your submissions. All submissions are subject to review by the Editorial Committee for quality and suitability. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to edit, publish or reject any submissions as deemed necessary.
If you have any questions, please email us at:  NAINA Editorial Chair at

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