10 thoughts on “NAINA NEWSLETTER – APRIL 2021”

  1. Nice initiative!
    Keep it up. The only constructive suggestion was to figure out if the newsletters could download faster.
    All the best.

  2. Kim,
    UTA ad stands out in the newsletter! Thank you for the compliment, and we will continue to improve next time with different designs!

  3. Kimberley Jones

    UTA is proud to support NAINA! The NAINA newsletter is informative and beautifully formatted and published. The execution of publishing it was exemplary! Great job to all involved in putting it together.

  4. Kudos to the editorial board and leadership for such an exemplary work. It’s informative, well choreographed and appealing. Keep
    Up the good work.

    1. Mr. Santhosh,
      Happy to read your message about the newsletter. We strive our best to increase the visibility of NAINA, and will continue to keep the newsletter appealing to everyone.

  5. This is absolutely awesome. The look is classic and meaningful content. Set an example for the communication tool for a national organization. Hats off to the content and technology team. The dedication and commitment of the team under the leadership of NAINA president is summarize “ a Cadillac of newsletter”

    1. Our Communication & Editorial team is committed to provide the best newsletter to showcase our nurses activities during this pandemic time and their efforts are highlighted.

  6. Looks awesome. Love the layout and pictures. Thank you to the team for highlighting all the activities and achievements of our nurses and chapters. As the Chair of the Awards committee, I am looking forward to recognizing and presenting more awards to all our wonderful nurses.

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