Dr. Omana Simon Graduate Student Research Award


Please review guidelines, required documents and proper formatting guidelines of the document etc. before completing your application.

NAINA supports research in nursing to advance knowledge in the field of education and practice.  Graduate students seeking support for research are eligible. NAINA intends to present the Student Research Award to one graduate student biannually.  This award honors the spirit of inquiry and dedication to the establishment of nursing knowledge to improve the health of all. Priority areas for funding are research proposals that relate to the improvement of nursing education and practice or to reduction of health disparities. However, proposals in any areas of nursing research are eligible for consideration.

The purpose of the Research support grant is to encourage qualified graduate students in nursing to contribute to the advancement of nursing through research by providing assistance with the direct costs of their research. Funding from the NAINA Award may be combined with other sources of funding.

Application due Date and Award Announcement:
Applications for the 2021-2022 are due on May 30, 2022. Award announcement will be made on or before August 30, 2022. (The announcement date is subject to change based on the dates of the Biennial Conference). 

Selection Criteria:
Selection criteria for applicants are as follows: 

  • Proof of current membership in NAINA / the local chapter.
  • RN with active license and currently practicing in USA.
  • Graduate nursing student in good standing at any College/ University in the United States.
  • A well-defined research project pertinent to nursing. Doctoral dissertation, master’s [thesis] research projects, and research projects small scale as well as large scale will be considered. Research on any topic is eligible for consideration, but special priority is given to research that relates to the improvement of nursing education and practice or to reduction of health disparities.
  • Approval of the proposed research by the faculty research advisor or dissertation chairperson must be obtained before submitting the proposal. IRB application for approval must be submitted or obtained before submission of the Research Proposal.
  • Ability to use research monies within 12 months of receiving the fund.
  • Research proposals will be selected based upon quality of the proposed project.

Application Components:
The following must be submitted for consideration for research award:

  1. Application Form for the Research Award (online form)
  2. Research Award Agreement (online form)
  3. Research Proposal Faculty Approval Form (click here to download pdf form, complete and upload along with your online application)
  4. Goals of the Project and Researcher’s Role (online form).
  5. Research Proposal should be typed (double-spaced) and be no longer than five (5) pages in length (not including abstract, budget, human subjects, references, and appendices). Use American Psychological Association (APA) latest edition format.  Upload this document in pdf format along with your online application.
  6. CV – Please include positions held and honors.

NAINA Student Research Award/ Research Support Grant -Proposal Format

Abstract: Include purpose, design, sample and setting, methods, and implications. Not to exceed 250 words. NOT PART OF THE FIVE PAGE LIMIT.
Purpose: State concisely and realistically what the project is intended to accomplish, and/or what hypothesis is to be tested.
Background: Provide brief review of the literature and specifically identify the gaps the project is intended to fill and the nursing implications of the project.
Significance: State concisely the importance of the project in generating knowledge.
Methodology: Describe concisely the procedure to be used – design, subjects, instrumentation, data collection, and data analysis. Include any specific equipment or facility needs.  Provide a time line for the completion of the project, including the writing of a publishable paper.
Human Subjects: Provide documentary evidence of approval or submission for approval by the parent institution IRB regarding protection of human rights and, if appropriate, any additional agency, clinical site or group approval. If approval is pending at the time of submission, evidence of IRB approval must be submitted before any funds will be released. NOT PART OF THE FIVE PAGE LIMIT.
Budget:  Detail the direct costs. The total requested fund should not exceed $1,000.
Categorize items with specifics such as equipment, supplies, research-related travel, and other (postage, photocopying, subject reimbursement or incentives, etc.). Include only items that are directly related to conduct of research. Exclude items such as living expenses, routine travel, travel to professional meetings, and salaries.  Include budget justification explaining why each item is important for your research and the basis for the cost estimate given (e.g. Xeroxing of two copies of 10 interviews, average of 30 pages per interview @ ten cents per page).
References: In APA format( latest edition); NOT PART OF THE FIVE PAGE LIMIT


The deadline for submission of completed application including all of the components is May 30, 2022 midnight.

Application must be completed online along with submission of following documents:
1.  Research Proposal(pdf)
2.  CV(pdf)
3.  Research Proposal Faculty Form(pdf, jpeg or png)
4.  Passport size photograph of the applicant(png or jpeg)

If you have any questions please contact:
Anne B. Luckose PhD, APRN, PM-ANP, NP-C
Chair, Research/ Grants Committee NAINA
Email: nainaresearch@gmail.com